We’re passionate about design

Our Standards

Z’mario’s mission is to link together the innovativeness of product design at competitive level prices, in perfect style with the consumers understanding of its perceived quality


Our ideology is to have an absolute perfect customer relationship based on services and trust.
Z’Mario’s goal is to provide the products with complete home concepts according to the theme of house.
The company’s philosophy is based on offering the customers the best quality products and best service from the time of order through to after-sales.

International Certificates

Z’Mario is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and by the clause of this certification we promise the customers for the genuine product quality & continual improvement according to market trends. Our belief for the high quality does not consist purely of meeting these standards; rather, it extends to include service quality, with a view to fully satisfying customer expectations

Green Company

Immense manufacturing increase the global warming and can destroy the health of environment and other living beings. Our manufacturers around the world including Arredo 3 Cucine, Gory cucine, ALF Italia, MAB Home Furniture, Grohe, Grespania strictly following the green rules and manufacturing the products in a way which minimizes damage to the environment. The technological evolution of their production lines takes a great deal of energy. This is why they apply a careful eco-sustainability project to its commitment to generate and use clean energy to make its plants function. The innovative photo-voltaic systems enable the exploitation of renewable energy at zero environmental impact, in complete respect of the territorial resources and the health of its inhabitants.