Crafting culinary dreams with bespoke kitchen designs


Enter the world of Z’MARIO, the most selling Italian kitchen company of 2022, where tradition and progress come together. Made in Italy is not only a mark to put on products for us: it is design culture, know-how and skills. It is also tradition, landscape and beauty, which is transmitted to our kitchens from everything around us, taking this philosophy all over the Pakistan.

Discover the trendiest solutions for modern and classic kitchens aimed at continuous improvement and the highest level of customer satisfaction. As the world ambassadors of "Made in Italy" and one of Italy's largest kitchen manufacturers, Arredo3 design and manufacture their products in score near Venice, where they always focus on the best quality, thanks to continuous innovation processes.

Receptive and open to the latest trends, Arredo3 quickly interpret the most contemporary styles. Continuous research into cutting-edge materials and mechanisms allows them to be more proactive in the design and testing phases. All kitchen projects are developed in-house by their R&D department.