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Luxury Kitchens

For 75 years, Snaidero has been an outstanding Made in Italy company rooted in craftsmanship and all-Italian passion for design. our kitchens, Snaidero being exported all over the world, are unique products that combine functionality and sustainability, made with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.

Snaidero carcasses are made of a 19 mm thick melamine panel with a very low formaldehyde emission, less than the half of the European e1 standard, it is covered with melamine resins to obtain high abrasion resistance and an easy to clean surface.

The quality o f seamless laminate for an impeccable aesthetic result

Department an authentic carpentry where true craftsmen and carpenters transform “special” wishes into perfect objects every day, combining craftsmanship with industrial technology.

100% made in italy production manufacturing surface of 112.000 m q supply chain with a strong vertical integration daily production capacity: 100 kitchens