It took little more than a decade to transform a small artisan into a national leader in the field of modular kitchen. Arredo 3 Cucine was born in 1984 in a laboratory workshop of 200 m2. A small place in which it would develop into big dream.

Gory is a young and dynamic company, with rapid groth within the national and international markets. Gory project it self with an ambitious and constant evolution of products and distinguish it self for his high quality of manufacturing.


Drawers & pan drawers runners

Drawers and pan drawers are fully extendible; this makes everything visible, handy and well organized. HETTICH runners have a 40-60-80 kg capacity and they are provided with a soft closing system for maximum comfort.


Tall units opening mechanisms

Tall units opening procedure is a functional element in the kitchen area; it involves an elaborate movement system yet extremely handy and useful. It is totally accessible both from the front and the sides which makes it even easier to use.


LED lighting

Lighting is key in every working situation, and especially while cooking. Besides a wide range of lighting accessories Gory introduces a LED technology which is convenient for several reasons: it guarantees an 80% eco-save, greater than standard light bulbs; it lasts 10 times more than a standard alogan light,; it does not release UV rays and it issues very little heat which is safer and healthier.


Undersink base units

Standard undersink base units are provided with an aluminium tray to protect it from water and detergents corrosion. Drawers undersink base units are equipped with integrated accessories, easier to clean, versatile and handy to organize.


Depth of tall units & base units

A deeper worktop gives a sense of freedom and a better visual; it makes the kitchen work easier. Base units adjust to a 70 cm depth while implementing its storage capacity thanks to special accessories that organize perfectly the internal space. A more distant wall units position makes the opening and closing movement easier and gives a much better operativity.


Wall units opening system

Our wall units have pull-up, folding, up-and-over BLUM mechanisms that guarantee an easy and soft opening, These devices are tested for 80.000 openings and SERVO-DRIVE mechanism are also available.


Exclusive finishes

Our manufacturer develops their production in a transversal way: every quality and performance improvement ensures a much better durability, reliability as well as an infinite number of solutions that suit every personal environment.